Hi, I'm Charlie.

"So, how did you get into making videos?" 
I get asked this question frequently when meeting new people and talking about my work. Like many filmmakers my age (24), I've had an interest in the field since I was young, but wasn't pushed to take action until the internet showed me just how easy it was to create, network and share. 
After many years of feeling without direction and struggling to stay interested in my studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I decided it was time to make a change. In 2016, I enrolled in an Introduction to Film course at UW, and without any idea how to work it, bought my first camera as well. 
Three years later, this decision has taken me across the world, connected me with amazing people, and provided me with an avenue to create stories that are meaningful to both others and myself. It has also helped me develop a better understanding of where I want to focus my attention and efforts both in filmmaking and in life going forward. 
As a freelance photographer/videographer, I strive to add value to brands working to achieve their creative visions anywhere from pre to post production. I have enjoyed working with numerous brands across different industries, and feel I only have more to offer now that I've graduated college and am freelancing full time. On a personal level, I am growing increasingly passionate about telling stories that focus on mortality, the complexities of growing up and developing a sense of self, and creatively showcasing what it means to be human.
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